Blake earned this one!

“Over a period of two years we had our high end residential Flagstaff property listed with two different realtors. Both did exactly what I feared they would do: puff the price, throw the listing on MLS and then do nothing, hoping that someone else would “sell it”. Blake got my attention because he wrote me a letter.This causal observation came to describe much about the guy….when all the other realtors are out of town, hiking, skiing, resting from their demanding schedules or whatever, Blake is working. On a whim, I gave him an audience. Then the listing. Then access to me whenever he needed it which was a lot because the guy worked the listing as if it was his only one (which it wasn’t). How he found time to do all this I have no idea. What specifically did he do? He convinced me that the property was previously priced too high to bring an offer from a serious buyer, one who had carefully studied the market. He spent enough time with me to understand the property in full, my own motivation, and my previous real estate experience. He proposed a marketing program beyond MLS and obtained agency quality photographs of the property for that purpose. He proposed (and I wrote) a detailed history of the property and the area that he found useful in prospecting. He was always available both to me and to potential buyers. Blake produced a serious offer withing a month of listing the property. That offer eventually went to escrow and closed but not without a lot of work on Blake’s part massaging the parties to create a great transaction that met the needs of all. How did it turn out? I listed the property with Blake on October 23, 2014. The proceeds of the sale were wired to my account on December 22nd. The closing price was exactly, and I mean exactly, what Blake predicted it would sell for when he first evaluated the property. It doesn’t get any better than that.”