Blake Cain exceeded our expectations in every way

As first time home-buyers new to Flagstaff, we were appropriately vigilant about finding a real-estate agent we could trust to guide us through the processes of purchasing a new home. We hoped to find someone who would not simply prod us down the path of purchasing a new house quickly, but would take the time to share their knowledge and expertise of the housing market and educate us so we could make our own informed decisions and find the perfect home at a perfect price. In short, our expectations for a real estate agent were tremendously high. At first, we were vigilance and cynical.

Blake Cain exceeded our expectations in every way. He was knowledgeable, patient, responsive, accommodating, available, and had a fresh approach about him. Blake was able to swiftly answer our seemingly endless barrage of questions — from the details of specific line items on contracts to explaining the ups and downs regarding specific neighborhoods in Flagstaff. When in the position of having to deliver less than positive news, Blake was also swift and disclosed uncomfortable facts with clarity and encouragement. It was refreshing to interact with Blake during these times because he always managed to inspire optimism with his positive attitude. Blake Cain is a highly skilled real estate agent.

If you are in the position of buying or selling a new home, it is understandable to be skeptical or cynical of a real estate agent. I know I was, and as a psychologist, I was mindful about Blake’s motives and goals throughout our time working with him. It was so refreshing working with Blake, and I suspect two aspects that set him apart are his personal goals and motivation. Blake Cain didn’t simply want to sell us a house. He wanted to change our lives for the better by selling us a home that would improve our quality of life for our family. He seemed intrinsically motivated to help us in a very altruistic, honest, and caring way. Blake is successful in real estate because his fresh perspective and skill-set enables him to improve people’s lives. He also buys and sells houses along the way. That is what makes him so great.